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Coping with teeth!

Hi ladies

Lyvi is 6 months old and has her first tooth and a second on the way, peaking through.

Before she cut her first tooth (but when they were obviously moving down and troubling her) she would clamp down on my nipple and drag it through her gums - I thought that was painful but it's nothing compared to the pain when she does it now she has a tooth!! OWWW image

It is so, so, so painful and I actually feel really nervous whilst feeding now :\(

She seems to do it at the end of a feed once she's finished feeding and just wants to soothe her gums I guess. How can I deal with this/is there anything I can do to help? I've tried putting teething gel on her gums 5 - 10 mins before a feed and it doesn't seem to help much.

I don't want to just take her off when she starts doing it, assuming she's finished, because she's so tiny as it is that I don't want to risk cutting her feeds short.

Please tell me it gets better once the teeth are through more!?!? It's like a little razor blade in there....

Love NN and Olyvia xxx


  • Hi, my Lo is 8 months with 4 teeth and used to do something similar. The way I got it to stop was to say no very firmly when he bit, stop the feed and put him somewhere safe and walk away from him (only for a min or 2!!) If he cried I would start the feed again after 1 minute and he soon got the message that biting meant no milk and no attention from Mummy. I was just like you, dreading each feed. My OH came home from work one day to find me in tears as I thought I was going to have to stop bfing as I'd been bitten so much that day, but since doing the above responses I only get the occasional bite (once a fortnight - if that) and that's usually when he's tired.
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