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When has he had enough?

My LO is 19 days old and we have had a few problems getting going with bf due to his tongue tie. now we h ave had that sorted and my nipples have recovered he just doesn't seem to want to stop feeding. I know they are meant to come off themselves when they have had enough but he has never done this. he often seems to be feeding in his sleep but if i take him off he just wakes up and cries for more. last night we went on like this for an hour and a half before he finally stopped asking for more (at 1 AM!) he is putting on weight fine-is really jsut so hungry all the time?

Any advice please-do I keep taking him off or just let him go on and on?


  • hello, sorry to hear you're having a few problems. you could try feeding him for 30 mins on one side then swapping him to the other. this should give him a shot of milk that makes him realise that he's actually full. it could be that he's having a growth spurt so he may then want feeding only an hour or so later. your h/v or m/w should be able to give you a list of b/f counsellors you can ring an they should be able to help you. you could also try keeping him awake when he's feeding (easier said than done, i know!). Many people take off a layer of babies clothing as this keeps them cooler when they're feeding and less likely to go to sleep. i used to tickle my sons feet as babies have very sensitive feet!

    goodluck, i hope it works out alright. x
  • Hi my lo is 11 weeks old and he used to do this, i think most of time is them using breast for comfort, but he did settle after a while. he still does it now but its normally at night time and for not as long.

    Nat x
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