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Expressing for Premature Babies

I had twins born at 31 weeks, they are in special care at the moment and I am expressing my milk for them around every 3-4 hours and getting about 100ml off each breast no problem using an electric double breast pump on loan from the hospital. Does anyone have any suggestions for foods I should be eating which can help with premature babies?


  • sorry hun no idea if prems milk is different maybe ask the special care nurses? when were they born?? i know if i want to express alot of milk i have to eat regularly and rest so my supply is good. sorry cant be more helpxxxxxxxx
  • Soda

    I was recommended to use More Milk Plus by Motherlove. You can read about it and buy it at

    I haven't tried it yet as I only ordered it on Thurs evening, but it's supposed to up your milk supply. It was recommended by a breast feeding advisor and midwife so I'm hoping it will work as my milk supply seems to be getting a little low.

    Might be worth a try for you too? It works out about ??14 with p&p.

    Good luck expressing and hope your babies grow and thrive on it so they'll be home soon!xx

    ps drink a pint of full fat cows milk a day as it's easily converted to the fats needed for breastmilk (old fashioned advice, but again, worth a go)
  • Hi there

    well done you for giving your twins the very best start in life! My lo was prem too and I expressed for him to be fed with and then exclusively bf till 6 months before weaning and now at 10 months I am still bfeeding once a day!

    the human body is an amazingthing and as the special care nurses told me your body KNOWS your babies were early adn therefore produces different milk anyway - how incredible is that image !!!!!

    So as long as you are eating and drinking well your body will continue to produce the PERFECT food for them!

    Well done you!

  • Hey Soda

    Havent got round to saying congrats but have been following your story and saw it all on Northern Times. Big congrats on your beautiful boys.

    My boys were only 5 weeks early but I just eat regularly and continued expressing every 3/4 hours through the night as well, to mimmic what a new born would do. For me drinking milk was great simply because it required no effort and is full of goodness. Also are you on iron tablets and a good multivitamin as twin pregnancys take it out of you.

    Big congrats on expressing, its a hard slog but when i had to get up with my boys in the middle of the night I was so greatful i could get both boobs out rather than wait for a kettle to boil.

  • Caraway/cumin seed tea ... increases milk supply hugely, tastes like shit though!
  • Your milk will be giving them plenty of energy and nutrients but eating regular veg and fruit may boost your milk and also give you more energy too. Remember to drink plenty clear fluids as you are loosing a fair bit through your milk supply.

    Well done for giving it a go, I also expressed for my premature baby and it was amazing to see him grow from my milk.

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