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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me?

My baby is nearly 4 weeks old and has been having 4oz of Aptamil during the day and 5oz during the night. He was going every 4 hours in between his day feeds however, he is now demanding to be fed every 3 to 3 1/2 hours and when he feeds his belly sounds totally empty!

I have tried to give him 5oz during the day but he can never seem to finish the last ounce so I was wondering if changing his milk to the hungrier baby formula would satisfy him more?

He was 9lbs 3 at birth and was 11lb 1 when weighed last week, the Health Visitor said his weight gain was fine, and as he is quite a big baby I'm not too worried about him getting fat I am just not too sure if the hungrier baby formula is OK to give him at such a young age.

If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.

 Many thanks



  • I would ask your hv if not sure,I breastfed so don't know a lot about formula,only that I did top up's for first few weeks because she wasn't gaining satisfactory weight. Sorry can't be any more help. Hope you sort it out!! xx
  • all my babies had the hungrier baby milk, however my youngest son always fed every three hours day/night until he was weaned so may just want more milk? one feed in the night is pretty good for 4weeks. maybe try giveing feeds more frequently instead at first?

  • We went onto hungry baby milk at 5 weeks and Bronwyn was feeding every 2 hours or so at that point. It was the best thing I could have done!!!

  • Cameron also went onto hungry baby milk at around 6wks as he was feeding every 2hrs day and night. My hv was against it and told me it was perfectly normal for him to be feeding so frequently image, but for my own sanity i changed the milk and didn't regret it one bit.
  • we changed ben onto hungrier babies milk, but he ended up having nasty colicky tummy ache on it and wasn't very happy, so we changed him back to the normal formula and just fed a bit more frequently.. the hv was quite helpful for us. eventually we ended up weaning him a bit earlier than usual
  • Both my boys went on to hungry baby formula earl About 4/5 weeks. I made the mistake of telling my HV  when I switched Aaron onto it and she wrapped my knuckles for it. But I think I knew my baby better than she did. Katelin couldn't have it as she was on a lactose free formula but she was nowhere near as greedy as my boys.
  • Thank you all for your advice. I'm going to continue with his normal milk for a bit longer and just feed him more regularly to see how he goes. When he falls asleep during his daytime feeds I've started to wake him up by changing his nappy and then he finishes his 5oz bottle.

    I've still got 2 boxes of normal milk for him to finish so I'll see how he goes before deciding, i can see that Max is clearly not as hungry as some of your babies so I wont rush him.

     Thanks again for your advice, I feel much better now.

    Rachel x

  • I breast fed until ethan was 9 weeks, i fed on demand and was up most the night. Then when he went onto formula he was having four bottles a day and three night feeds. I tried switching him to hungrier baby milk but it was too heavy for him (hungrier baby milk is curd based so can be a bit too creamy for some babies) so i just gave it him for his last feed of the day. He still continued to wake three times until he was 5 mths. My friends and family thought i was mad to go along with it but as far as i was concerned, he was my baby, night feeds were part of the experience and i was happy to do it. My HV agreed that i was doing the right thing. I think that it is up to the individual, if i had had to get up for work or for other children i probably would have chose to do it differently but because i was on maternity and Ethan was my only responsibility i felt happy with it. 
  • Switched jack to hungry baby aptamil 4/5wks it changed everything he was so much more content sleepin 12hrs a night frm 6wks i took him off it when eaned and continued with cow and gate night time milk (only suitable frm 6mnths) which is amazing stuff, HV are reli against hungry baby milk but the change we saw id recomend 2 anyone
  • my son is five weeks old, he was 7lb 6oz when born, and is now over 11lb, and very long(tall) , he's taking 6-7oz every 2 1/2-3 hours, think we need to switch to hungery formula, my eldest son also had hungery formula. he's now 13 years old and 6'3"!!!!!

  • Our health visitor said that you should only use the first baby formula - not move on to hungrier baby or the follow on stuff. Has anyone else had this advice?!!

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