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how can I get lo to drink more milk?

Sorry I haven't posted much on here. I am in the process of weaning my lo off my breast and move across to bottles. She has had a bottle since 5 wks and one bottle of formula since 3mths.

She never seems to drink much formula (2-3 oz), and now that the bottle is replacing the breast, I am concerned that when I do eventually move across to bottle exclusively, the amount of milk she will drink is very low. At present, she will only drink 1-2 oz of milk per bottle and then she has had enough. I have tried varying the times I give her the bottle, along with her solids (have given it between solids, before and after), and at best she will only drink 2 oz. I am not sure if it is because I am still feeding her once during the night, that she doesn't need it. Plus she does seem to take a lot of breast milk later on. I have been giving her yoghuart and milk in her cereal (and plan to introduce cheese).

Can anyone else thinks of anything else I should try to get her to take more milk?

My lo is 7 months.




  • Its a long shot but could it be the bottle teet is too slow? If thats the case its harder work to drink from bottle so lo might be getting fed up.
  • Thank you for your suggestion Mrsclaretweeze. I bought a new faster teat yesterday and today she drank 6oz - so yippee it worked. Thank you.
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