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Hungry baby

my baby is nearly 4 weeks old and was having 3-4 ozs of aptimil stage 1 about every 3-4hrs. He always seemed hungry still so the hv said to put him on 5oz bottles and let him have what he wanted. We have tried that and during the day he is fine but at night he still seems hungry for more. i dont know whether to increase the milk again or maybe try the milk for hungrier babies as i have heard this does not suit all babies. xxx


  • hello!

    My son was exactly the same, by 5 weeks he was on 6oz, 7 bottles a day!! As long as he is not being sick a lot then i would up his night bottles. Sam has now settled down, he is 8 weeks and is having 7oz, 6 times a day.

    They don't reccommend the hungrier baby formula yet as it doesn't have as many vitamins in it, i would increase the volume of formula first. Good luck

    Jo x
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