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Y shaped teats for night time feed! HELP!

Hi all,
im new to this i hope this works haha!

Im just wondering where to get the y shaped teats from for either tommee tippie or dr brown bottles . I have started my LO on night time milk but she is only having two ounces as she cant get it through the fast flow teat!

any advice useful!




  • hi and welcome to the site- try this link apparantly they are suppose to be fab.

    michelle xx

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  • Thank you Michelle!
    at wits end trying to get my LO to last longer than 3 hours at night ... 6 months is a long time without sleep hehe! How old is your Lo /LO's?

    Charlie xxxx
  • hi charlie, yeh, its amazing what our bodies can do isnt it- 6mths without sleep and still coping, lol.
    my eldest has just turned 4 and my youngest is nearly 6mths- she was born 09/09/08, when was ur lo born? we've had loads of feeding probs with her though, shes back at the hospital nxt mth to see if she has an allergy. she seemed to really improve- until i started weaning her about 2 wks ago, shes now decided to go downhill- 2day she only took 18oz of milk and all she has in the way of food is 2ice cubes of veg and 1 cube of fruit at lunch. not sure if shes teething at the moment though, so hoping its only to do with that. really hope those teats work for u and u manage to get some sleep soon. come and join us over on baby. xxx
  • Awww my lo was born 04/09/08!! very close... Im not too sure if lily is teething too ... very clingy and cheeks red etc. shes sleeping much better i dropped the nigh time feed as it seemed to be upsetting her tummy !! i will check out baby now .. new to all this its taking me a while to get used to it lol!
  • well ive been thinking shes been teething for weeks now but still no teeth!!! she is so clingy at the moment though and a bit unsettled, cheeks have been burning and i can see 2 little dents on her bottom gum so thinking this has to be it. lol.
    yeh, this site takes a while to get used to but every1 here is so lovely and u get some great advice, very addictive though! ha ha ha . xxx
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