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Hi Girlies

I have a 7 month old who has always been on SMA. He is gaining the right amount of weight so that is not an issue however I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how may oz of milk he should be taking during the day.

He has never been much of a milk drinker but now he is on solids he only has 1 bottle (5oz) during the day but during the night he has 3 bottles (5oz)

Do you think I should try a different milk to see if it will up his intake during the day and then he wont need it at night - or do yu think this would be pointless?

Any thoughts would be grately appreciated

Fiona xx


  • I don't know re changing the milk but a lot of people have had success with aptamil or nurture follow on's! They should have 18-21oz a day including any dairy products they eat. So sounds like he is getting plenty - just at the times you don't want him to! My lo is on 3 bottles a day now at 7 1/2 months - 1 when she wakes up one mid afternoon and one before bed. What sort of routine is he having re food and bottles? It could be you need to offer it more in the day as it sounds like he is very hungry at night! however, he shouldn't really need a night feed now!

    My lo's routine is as follows:

    wake up 730 ish
    milk 745 (5oz)
    breakfast 0830 (incl. 2oz ff)
    lunch 1130
    milk 1400 (4oz)
    tea 1630
    milk 1800 (6oz)
  • just to say i agree with everything immense said, sounds like eh's having so much milk at night because he's not filling up in the day, its usual for babies from 6/7 ,months to be having 3 bottles in the day, morniong, mid aft and bedtime, particulalry if they're on 3 meals a day, which by 7 month is the 'norm'. maybe try upping his intake in the day and dropping a feed at night, switch one for one, iyswim? so this week, add one feed in day and take away one night, next week another (add in day, take away night) and so on. also plenty of carbs and protein. our routine is (from 6.5months and still at nrly 9months)

    8.30 wake and 6oz
    9.30 breakfast
    12o/c lunch
    3.30 6oz
    5o/c dinner
    7o/c 8oz

    as immense said u cld try follow on milk for the day and good nighht milk for bedtime, but we haven't done this with ds as he's milk intolerant so can only have soya and tehy do'nt do a follow on etc of that. xx
  • Hiya

    Thanks for your replies.

    I have always fed my lo whenever he wants feeding so we dont really have a routine. He has his solids at set times:

    7.30 Breakfast
    12.00 Lunch
    5.00 Dinner

    After posting this LO has started taking 3 bottles during the day but is still having 3 bottles at night. Because he has taken 3 bottles in the day he doesn't take his lunch or dinner.

    I will try aptamil or nurture tomorrow to see if this will help

    Thanks girlies xx
  • aaron gets 4 8oz bottles a day!


    the hv told my friend who has a (6month old) that aslong as they get 16oz a day its enough.... thats only 2 bottles tho...dont think my little monster munch would last on that
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