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Changing Formula

I know there have been several similar posts to this one, but my little one has been on SMA Gold since coming home from hospital, and I have also found that he's always been constipated. Now it's got so bad that I'm changing his formala in the hope that it improves things!
However, I'm not sure which to go for. I've ruled out Heinz, as it's not as easy to get hold of, but don't know whether to go for Aptamil or Cow and Gate.
Can anyone recommend which one might be better? (I'm not worried about price difference).

Rosalie and Flynn (30days)


  • I would recommend aptamil, my LO was on SMA but I found she was also constipated, and i was far too rich for her. She has been much better since she has been on aptamil first and is still on it now!
  • have you tried a few oz of cooled boiled water? we found this helped with his constiaption and has been fine since, we use sma gold too x
  • Hi Piggypops, yes we've been giving him water for a while and its unfortunately made no difference
  • Evan was on SMA gold too & was having hard poo's or very infrequent poo's. We've now changed to Aptimal and he seems to be better. He still gets upset before he has a poo but i think that could be trapped wind.
  • Sorry to g/c but we had a lot of trouble with formula after I had to stop breastfeeding. We went onto SMA and it caused him terrible constipation, so we moved onto Aptimil as it was meant to be gentler - it was fine for a few days then he started getting crippling wind! So we switched to Cow & Gate and he was fine with it from then onwards (improved straight away) - no wind, no constipation, nothing.

    You should see an almost immediate improvement in your lo if the new milk is helping. Good luck xxx
  • I've now changed Flynn onto Aptimal and have already seen a definate improvement! Thanks for the replies image
  • glad hes better x
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