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Which bottles???

Hi everyone, im due a little boy in feb this will be my 3rd child.
I still have my Avent microwave steriliser which im thinking of sticking with, my question is does anyone know if you can fit TT bottles in it & if so how many??? The TT bottles seem alot wider?
Im quite keen to use the TT bottles but have heard mixed reviews, what do you recommend as i do remember the Avent bottles being leaky & both my babies had colic so im just looking for idea's as to whether i should replace my steriliser or stick with Avent altogether??

Jacqui 19+3


  • I'm using Dr Brown. I know they are a bit more expensive but been told they are so worth it as they reduce colic. My aunt uses them, she has 3 boys under 2 and has never experienced colic. She also uses them with an advent microwave steriliser.
  • I use TT and have had no issues with them whatsoever! Unfortunately i don't know about the steriliser as I have the TT one!
  • Hiya,

    We've got an avent steriliser and a lo who had immense colic!

    We had TT bottles before lo arrived but on arrival (and failure of bf) he wouldn't take from the TT teats so we got sil to buy the avent things as he drank from the hospital stash ok.

    He then got colic so we bought the Dr Brown bottles which worked really well and fit fine into the avent steriliser. Since then we've changed onto the MAM anti-colic bottles which are similar to the Dr Browns but look prettier (am tres shallow!), are easier to clean and work just as well as DB's and these also fit in the steriliser fine.

    The valve system is too much for my tiny mind to take though so I use the avent bottles with caps instead of teats to make the feeds up and cool down and then transfer them into a sterile mam bottle when it's ready to serve. It does increase washing up but I know where I am with it all and they all go in the dishwasher anyway!

    Hope my ramblings helped!
    Clare x
  • Oh, and the avents occasionally leaked with the teats but have never leaked with the caps - except the time when I didn't screw the lid on properly. Lessons were learned.
  • Hi there just a quick word to say that my lo also had colic and I used Dr Brown bottles and they really worked.good luck.
  • Also use Dr Browns and they work really well for wind. They are a pain to clean though and leak when you mix up the feed!
  • Do they leak when you warm up the formula? That was happening to us, when making up the bottle I put the formula in the bottle and put it in a pot of hot water. What I've done is unscrew the top a bit and it stop leaking.
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