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Can i store Aptamil feeds in the fridge??? HELP!

I am currently combining breast and bottle feeding. I'm so confused because i've read on the box of Aptamil that you should NOT store feeds and they must be used within 2 hours of making them up?!?
Is this statement the same on most brands of formula and are they saying that just to cover their own back??? It's hard (as you'll all know) to make up feeds when baby wants one and the preparation takes time. It's so much easier to make up feeds and store them in the fridge.
Please can someone help because i really don't know whats right and worng!?!


  • I have always made up my bottles of Aptamil for the whole day (and then again for the night) and stored in the fridge. Baby is now 10 months old and not a day of illness!
  • Hi, i use aptimal and i have made up a couple of bottles and put them in the fridge before and my lo was absolutely fine. I do think they say that u shouldn't store milk in the fridge to cover their backs because as you know, official guidelines say that u should make up ur bottles as and when you need it because they say that there is a risk of bacteria growing in the milk.
    Do what you feel is easier and best for u, lots of people make up milk and store it in the fridge and have said their lo has been fine xx
  • hi this is a bit different to every1 else but i used aptamil and i used to leave the bottles with the boiled water in on the side in my kitchen so they where a troom temp then just add the milk powder when baby wanted a bottle and it didnt take as long to warm up as it does if you keep them in the fridge!!so still a quick way of doing it! image xx
  • Hi everyone, i use Aptamil and this is what works for me and does not take long to get it ready when lo is wanting in NOW, lol.
    I boil the water up then make all the bottles up with just water,to the oz you feed, then put all the bottles of water in the fridge, then when ready to feed, just put Aptamil in then, put in hot water to warm up for lo.
    I find this works for me so may work for you.
    Hope this helps.

  • yup David and heathers milk was made up for a hole day and night and stored in the fridge, just not for more than 24 hours, i also heat up there bottle in th microwave and have never had any problem

  • When I had my first I made all bottles up for the day and stored in the fridge as these were the guidelines.

    But when I had my second recently I was told to make up as and when. I initially thought "what a load of b****cks" but actually I have found doing them as I need them is much much easier.

    I have the powder in a milk storage container (it has 3 compartment) and the bottles sit on the worktop with the water in them. When I need oe I just add powder. I then just feed my lo the milk at room temperature. I found that way I can take the powder and water out with me and feed him wherever I am without worrying about having to get a jug of water to heat it up and this has so helped when I've been shopping!

    At the end of the day, like some of the other posts say, it's whatever works for you. Try it a few different ways and see what you prefer. I have 12 neices and nephews and every one of them has been fed the "old way" with milk stored in fridge and heated in micro and not one of them has ever been ill!

    Hope this hasn't just confused you even more. X
  • i tend to leave boiled wter in mine in the fridge then when baby wonts a bottle ill add the powder and warm them up i have made botles fully made up and lo seems to be fine with them i always use them within 24 hpours though just incase x
  • I used to nanny for twins, their mum was a dietician sp? and she made up all their aptamil feeds after they had gone to bed ready for the next day and stored them in the fridge and they were absolutely fine.
    I think they say that just to cover their backs in case people think oh well 24 hours is ok so 36 hours must be fine. I wouldn't keep them for more than 24 hours but I am sure that long is fine.
  • im so so so so glad that someone has asked this question !! im feedin my son on aptamil, and for some reason hes quite sicky on the powdered stuff, but ok on the ready made stuff !! ?? any ideas as to why? i normally leave the boiling water in the bottles ready and just add the powder when hes ready for a feed, and warm it through in a jug of hot water, just to take the chill off (as my kitchen is freezing)
  • My LO is only 2 wks old and she has only been on formula for the past week, when i asked my midwife how long i could keep the bottles made up she said no longer than an hour! so we have been making them up when she needs them and throwing them away after an hour, we have been wasting loads of milk as she is a slow feeder and has a cold at the mo, so it was interesting to read your posts about how other people are making up the feeds and storing them, i knew life had to ber a bit easier! x
  • Hello there my name is beckie

    You can make aptimil feeds up and store them in the fridge for 24 hours as long as you have not warmed them up
    if you have warmed the bottle milk up then it has to be used within 2 hours i used aptimil for my second child so i know thats right :\)
  • Using Aptamil Pro Futura 

    We use filtered 1litre water into kettle boil then leave for 30 mins as instructed then measure out how much we need into bottle for example 150ml for baby's age and pour 5 powder scoops into water and shake and serve.

    with the left over water we put it into a thermal flask asap and that way when baby needs more we use it instead of placing in fridge. Having said that we normally repeat whole process after 5 hours sometimes less. 

    Baby sometimes doesn't eat 150 and takes half so we normally give 75ml in bottle and place the rest in a tight containwe and leave out to cool then fridge but make sure we use it the same day or within 24 hours but my ideal guideline is always 5 hours. 

    Last time I fell asleep and left baby's food out for 2hours and half and then placed in fridge and baby became hungry and I stupidly served her the milk but warming it up...nothing happened except she threw up my breast milk along with the formula lol

    shes 6 weeks tommprow and normally gives me a sign to say milk is bad before taking it lol pulls a disgusted look 

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