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My son is now 17 days old and we have been giving him Aptamil feeds. I burp him about 2/3 times for a 4oz feed. Sometimes he burps straight away, sometimes it takes longer. How do you know when to stop burping? Should they always burp when you wind them? I know it sounds a bit thick but sometimes I finish feeds with him not burping and I worry myself stupid he's going to choke on his sick or something.

Lisa and Fin x


  • My lo didn't always burp after a feed! I used to wind for a couple of minutes, and if she hadn't burped I left it. I generally found if there was any trapped she would bring it up a bit later when i picked her up from paying down! He won't choke on sick if he doesn't burp - you are only trying to get trapped wind out to stop their little bellies hurting image
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