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Feeding help please (also in baby)

Hi Ladies,
My little boy is 11 weeks today and is about 14lb now. He is currently on SMA gold which i'm not to sure about. He's taking about 5-7oz every 3 hours in the day and is not sleeping very well. He's having about 7 feeds a day.

At night times he is having a feed at 10pm then by 12/1 he's awake, a dummy settle temporarily but after about 30 mins he's awake again crying. He then has a feed at about 2:30/3am but again by 5 he's awake again.

I was wondering what other peoples experiences are of SMA and whether i shud try hungry milk or a different brand, i have recently changed to no.3 avent teats as he was getting bored half way through feeds and giving up which has helped his feeding.

Advice please!!
Thank you in advance.


  • Hi there, I used Cow and Gate with my little girl and had no problems with it. There's a guide on the back of the box as to how much they should have and how often. For bedtime, may I suggest trying to lengthen the time before the last feed? Leave baby wait about 15 mins extra every couple of days and build up to 4 hours gap so should be hungrier, eat more, then sleep longer during the night. I did this to increase time between all my daughter's feeds and she'd polish off each bottle and be content until the next was due-in another 4 hours.
    She did progress through the hungrier baby formula and I did have to start weaning at about 4 months as she was taking 9oz every 4 hours but started crying for feeds earlier and earlier. Speak to your health visitor before weaning though!
    ~Saz x
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