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How do I make up an instant formula feed?

I normally breastfeed with occasional FF if DD is being looked after by nanny. When I do FF I do as said on the tin - boil water, cool for 30 mins, add formula then cool under cold tap. However, this evening I needed to make up a bottle and feed instantly (very long story, but it was urgent!!). After deliberating for couple of mins on how to do this, I ended up defrosting some exressed milk quickly cos I didn't know how to make an instant formula feed.

Just so I know for next time I need milk in an emergency, can you tell me how to make up a bottle safely but so that I can feed her instantly rather than having to wait for the bolied water to cool for 30 mins! She doesn't want it too warm. I know a little about preparing the water beforehand, but not sure about that either!

Thanks xx


  • what we do is make up bottles in advance, we sterilise bottles boil the kettle and after 25 mins fill the bottle to the correct level then put the tops on and and put in the fridge until needed, when needed we add the formula then heat up the bottle in the bottle warmer which takes about 4 mins, a lot quicker, we dont use bottles older than 24 hours, you could maybe have 1 bottle prepared each day in case?

    alternativley as you only occasionally FF you could buy the small ready made cartons and fill the bottle up to what you want and warm in bottle warmer, my friend who BF does this when out when theres nowhere suitable to BF, takes a few mins, maybe a better option if its not that regular
  • I was also going to suggest cartons too. They last quite a while before they expire and are instant xxx
  • Those ready made cartons are more expensive, but are great for this and when out and about as they don't need to be refrigerated until opened and then can be used within 24 hours.
    Alternatively, the question I have is around waiting for the boiled water to cool. I dont think you have to leave it 30 mins before making the bottle, I think it has to be no longer than 30 mins (to ensure adequate heat to kill bacteria in formula). So could you not use the boiled water immediately (being careful not to burn yourself), it would take longer to cool to the correct temperature once made, but saves the long wait? Am I wrong about being able to use the boiled water immediately?
  • definitely cartons!

    We use powder most of the time (with feeds made up as instructed but then kept in the fridge and warmed up as needed - naughty mummy)

    but you can't beat cartons for instant food! just keep a sterlisied bottle in the fridge - re sterlisie after 24 hours

    MummyJackson I think you're right about this. As far as I know the reason they tell us to wait 30 mins is so that the water is hot enough to kill the bacteria but not so hot that it kills off some of the nutrients in the milk. I don't think using just boiled water is 'unsafe' - just need to accept that some of the nutrients might be killed off xxxxx
  • Thanks girls, I didn't think of the cartons, I'll buy some so I have a small stock just incase!!
    And thanks for the tips re boiling water and preparing - all written down for future ref!!
  • cartons are fab but expensive for everyday use. The Dept of Health say formula feed has to be made up fresh each time. So boil water, leave to cool for 30mins, then add formula. The water will be at 70c so still hot which is nec to kill the bacteria in the formula feed. I prepare my bottles in advance with boiled water, leave in fridge and then warm up with yoomi bottle - does it in 60secs. My hv said that was the most sensible way. hope this helps
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