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can you feed your lo in the bouncer chair?

the title says it all actually, i express my milk 8 times aday, and i was wondering if it is okay to feed my lo while she lies in her bouncer chair as i pump. it would be great.

she is 9+3 today and we use a hauck chair.



  • I wouldn't like to say either way as I have never considered feeding anywhere but on me! I suppose it could be ok if she isn't moving it around

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  • i wouldnt but then i have a sicky baby and if i feed him on me then i can qickly sit him up if need be, i was recenty sat with a lady in the mothercare feeding room and she was feeding her LO in the pram, she vomited everywhere it was a right mess poor woman she didnt know what to do first :lol: , if you are happy and your baby isnt sickly then i dont see a problem
  • I did this when I was expressing, its fab...however as piggypops says if they're sicky it can be a bit grim (but if you're expressing your hands are tied anyway!)

    My HV said not to do it all the time though as LO's need eye contact and to feel close when feeding - aparently they take more and are less colicy (??)

    Give it a try

  • thanks ladies, i intend to do it only when she needs to be fed while i am on the pump. i love holding her for a feed.

    thanks again

    Renee and Sarah 9+4
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