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bottle sterilier

i have a Avent steriliser give to me by a friend, but im going to use Tommee Tippee bottles so i was wonderin if i could use the avent steriliser for them bottles or not?

need to know so i can plan ahead if i need to buy new steriliser or not?

can anyone help?

[Modified by: emzi on 12 January 2009 19:58:38 ]


  • thnx yer its helped me nd im due 1st august.

    what bout u?
  • Hey im the other way around. My lo has avent bottles but we have a tt steriliser so it should be fine
  • Of course you can. So long as the lid fits it will work just fine. I firmly believe that the only reaseon Avent and Tommee Tippee make sterilizers is to con you out of more money trying to get you to buy everything in their range.
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