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to sterilise or not to sterilize?

Hey ladies, i have a question for you.
My lo will be 6 months after 4 days (wow, cant believe that), the question is, do i still to sterilise the bottles and teats after everyuse, or is it enough to wash them with hot water and soap, or in a dishwasher???

hope i dont sound dumm, but i heard that now it is okay to just wash it and not boil.

Thanks ladies


  • AS USUAL THE GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES HAVE CHANGED..oops in caps. I have been told by the HV and MW that it is now okay to stop sterilising at 6 months as babies are shoving everything in their mouths by then anyway. They say it's okay to clean them in the dishwasher.

    By the time Amelia gets to 6 months - it'll probably be back to a year.
  • It was 12 months when I had my ds 2 years ago. However, I stopped at 10 months, as by that stage I felt it was getting ridiculous as ds was eating a wide variety of foods & doing a whole lot of other 'non sterile' things lol. xx
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