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Milk allergy


Well my LO I think has either an allergy to milk or has became milk intolerant. He was on SMA gold and started to throw it up, developed an eczema rash all over his face, became very fussy when taking his bottle and screaming at me when it got near his mouth although he was very hungry. I was very allergic to milk when I was a baby and got put on so many different kinds.

We moved him over to Soy milk and the rash started to go down and he was less fussy and did not throw any of his milk back. I took him to the docs and they prescribed Lactose free milk for me to try. He is now having the same symptoms again.

What formula milk are your LO on if they are allergic to milk I wasn't to keen on keeping him on Soy milk are there any others??

Thanks in Advance
H and Jake 8 weeks


  • this might sound silly but have you tried him on any other kinds of formula?? might just be something in certain formulas hes reacting too!!

    my mum has always had a milk intolerance and my nana said the doctor just said soy milk and simple solids... even from a young age!!

    speak to hv she might be able to find out!!
  • i cld've sworn i've replied to this before. a lactose free formula still contains cows milk protein so if lo is allergic to milk (not lactose which is sugar in most milks) then that will be why the symptoms stopped with the soya formula....ds was finally put on sma wysoy (soya) at 4.5 months after 4.5months of fighting with hv saying tio wasn't reflux, both oh and i had been the same as children, eventually we moved and our new gp put him on the soya imediately before even knowing the family history. long story short, ds is nopw 9 months and is not sick at all anymore and is also no longer a grouchy baby who had terrbile stomach pains green poos and weight loss. the soya as worked marvellously for him and tbh if u've found a formula that works for ur lo then i don't see why to change it, especially as there is not that many completely milk free to choose from. as far as i'm aware soya is the only ype of fmrula that contains no milk or lactose at all, which is why if baby is cows milk allergic eh/she will need to be on a soya milk. they are others called neo cate and nutrimagen (which was awful for ds) but these do still contain certain amounts of dairy so u may find u still get the sickbness and rash with those, soya wil be the only one that cuts it allout completely.

    hth (again) xx
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