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sma staydown?

hi is anyone using this milk having the same problems as me i make it up as it says on the tin but my lo wont drink it cold so heat it up till its luke warm and it goes thick and lumpy and wont flow through the medium flow teats i have to keep sucking the bottle myself to check she can get some (kinda defeats the object of sterilising and ewww it tastes gross lol). i will admit the sickness has halved if not better than that
claire and lola-mae xx


  • Hi little girl is 4 months and is on SMA Gold which works fine for her. When u say your little one won't drink it cold and u have to heat it up for her, why don't u just cool it in a jug of cold water to the desired temp once u have made it from boiling water? I make all my bottles from scatch everytime as the water has to be no less than 70 degrees temp to kill any bacteria in the milk, which in effect is leaving the boiled water to cool no less than half an hour, then i just cool it, rather than making it cold then heating it up which in effect could be making the milk un safe to drink, if u know what i mean? By all means I'm not saying u are making the milk incorrect but it will/could stop the milk going 'off' which is what happens if u mess around with the temp too much. To add to the other post, i also use a clean knife to stir the milk really well after to pour water then add the powder, this also saves little air bubbles creeping in the milk which can cause wind as shaking the bottle sometimes can do this etc.....hope this helps my darlin

    louise x x ;\)
  • We had to top up BF with a prethickened formula, and I found SMA staydown a nightmare for going lumpy. Alphaloopsy, prethickened formulas are different to regular milk powders and have to be prepared in a special way.

    Have you talked to your GP? Ours gave us a formula on prescription (so FREE, whoop!) called Enfamil AR (AntiReflux) which was far better than the SMA Staydown, totally nixed the reflux and gave us back a happy baby. Winner.
  • thanks for the replies girls alphaloopsy mrs setters is right you have to make sma staydown with refridgerated water so have to make a feed in advance. i will talk to gp mrs setters but dont hold much hope she was sick absolutely loads and got all fidgety when drinking but she doesnt have the more severe symptoms like pain sma staydown has completely stoped the fidgeting must be a bit of pain there which has now eased. her sickness is 75% better too just wish it would mix better if i leave it for 5 mins after warming its a little better so shall persevere thanks girls
  • I make Staydown in the same way as I used to make my previous formula. I don't refridgerate the water, I just make the bottles up at room temperature with an oz less than I need. At feeding time, I top up the extra oz with boiling water from the kettle. I have no trouble with it mixing and it flows through our Dr Browns size 2 teats with no problems xx
  • I have just spoken to SMA as Elyssia will not drink cold or luke warm milk...has to be warm. The stay down milk cannot be heated up as it's reacts with the starch...hense the thick nasty bits. Luckily apparently there's a new formula out 'SMA AR anti regurgitation' with has a different starch in it so it can be made with luke warm water not fridge

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