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Has anybody had any troble with there TT steriliser, my numbers on the front keep disappearing a little bit at atime then coming back, is this a common problem with these.

Christine xx


  • Which steriliser? I hve the microwave / cold water one and aren't any numbers on it?!
  • I have heard this can be a problem! I haven't experienced it but there was another post, think it was just about TT being a bit of a letdown!? Think the ladies took their sterilisers back and complained! Sorry cant be of more help!!
  • Sorry this is really late ive only just seen it!! Heres the thread and yes there have been problems with the electric steriliser digits. If i were you id ring them asap, i did and they sent me a new base.
  • Hi just to say,

    I've took steriliser back to boots and they were great, exchanged it without any problems,the new one I have received must be the new one issued by TT just recently as it is different to the one I took back,

    1 No numbers on front just a button to press when turning on, it lights up to tell you its in use and goes off when finished sterilising, if left unopened the contents remain sterile for 24 hours unlike before when it was only 3.

    2 Everything fits in (horray) thats a whole 6 bottles.

    Thansk for the replies
    Christine x
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