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Avent Bottles - air bubbles

Hi all
I have a really 'guzzly' baby who moved to FF 2 weeks ago after a hospital admission for bad jaundice - my milk dried up while she was having formula to clear it image She swallows a lot of air while eating, I don't think it's the bottles more her getting a bit frantic while eating, she waves her arms around in excitement and gulps air (she does this when she's not eating and just excited too!) I've tried giving her a pacifier for 2 mins before bottle to calm her, with some success, but she still guzzles and swallows air from around the teat. We tried Dr Brown bottles but contrary to other's good experiences, she still swallowed lots of air and they leaked really badly even when we were really careful how we filled them etc. We are now trying Avent anticolic ones but they seem worse than ever, I can see loads of air bubbles in the teat when she's drinking (we're using Level 2 teats cos Level 1 just frustrated her and fell asleep trying to get the milk out and I thought Level 3 might be a bit fast for her)
Am I going wrong somewhere? She gets really windy and we struggle to get it all up for her, which especially overnight results in lots of loud grunts and farts!

T xx


  • Hi again! LOL!

    We used to use TT bottles but had this problem with them. We now use the avent bottles & find them 10 x times better,she also has infacol before every feed & it makes her burp like a man! haha. We found the normal avent bottles, that have a ring/seal thing that fits ontop of the bottle, better than the 'anti colic' ones....the ones you have are they hard plastic & yellow in colour?! We found these leaked too!

    HTH xxx
  • Have always used Avent bottles for my babies and I absolutely love them. I breastfeed so when I'm not able too these are for sure best next to the breast. Great product!

    PS : Maybe you will need read a Best bottles reviews ( Hereimage

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