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Is anyone split feeding in early evening?

I have an 8 week old son who seems to spend alot of the day being grumpy. He feeds every 3 1/2 - 4 hours durng the day taking between 4 and 5 oz at a feed. He has a 5oz feed at 6 and then goes to bed, we wake him at 10.30 and the he will normally go until 3-4am. Over the last 2 days I have also been tryng to structure hs daytime sleeping a bit and that seems to have eliminated most of his grumpy problems. However after feedng about 2.30pm he will have a short play and sleep and then get really grumpy at 5 after which he won't be calmed and by the time we get to his bath at 5.45 he is also starting to get hungry again so screams all through his bath routine apart from when he is actually in the water.

Gina Ford recommends split feedng at this time of day so givng him 1/2 bottle at 5 and then the rest at bedtime and I am wondering if this may help him be a happier chappy but also I am scared to try it in case it puts his nightime feeding routine out.

Does anyone do this or tried this and if so what are your expiences?




  • I personally wouldn't have been able to do this with my lo as she would have wanted the whole bottle and then moaned if I didn't let her - then of course it would have mucked up the bedtime bottle. Do you think your lo would let you do it?
  • I've been doing this with my LO for about a week now and its working really well for her...BUT I struggle to get more than 3ozs into her at each feed in the day (even though she's going 3hrly and gaining weight well) so doing a split feed means I can get her well tanked up before bed and then I dreamfeed at 10-10.30ish.

    I think its so individual and if your baby is grumpy at that time anyway and used to taking the full 4/5ozs at one sitting it may make him cross!

    You could always give it a go. Since i've been following gina ford my LO has stopped being grump in the evenings - she used to be awful and cry for hours. Bottle, bath, bottle, bed routine works really well, she's always awake when she goes into her cot and she chats for a bit and then settles herself.

    Liz + Sara (6wks)
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