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Giving baby warm milk or at room temp?


I'm new onto this site but was hoping to get some advice. i plan to bottlefeed my baby and have received differnt advice for weather to heat up the formula or serve it to baby at room temperature.

A few friends say its alot easier and convenient to give to baby at room temp (esp for late night feeds and when outand about) however, my sister is mortified at the prospect saying that because i'm having a winter baby (due Sept 25th) the baby will need swomething warm in its tummy.

Obviously it also depends on what baby wants but was wondering... What are you ladies intending to do? serve at room temp or heated and what are your reasons for making those choices?

Thanks for reading!




  • dd has hers warmed, as if i have to make a bottle up it would take to long to cool down, I do make up her bottles in advanced and store in fridge, i heat it whilst changing her, it only takes a few mins to do.
  • I make the bottles up in advance and store in the fridge then warm up wen needed i also do this while changing him, i do this because he perfers it warm, id say it depands on the baby to be honest xx
  • Hi there, we give my boy (17w) room temp formula - he doesn't seem to mind. Although becasue it's cold at night, I warm it up slightly for the night feeds as wouldn't want something too cold in his belly


  • I've given dd hers room temp warm or straight from the fridge she's not fussed x
  • Babies don't care about the temperature of the milk. Sophie's had it chilled from the fridge before, impatient bugger lol x
  • No, It doesn't depends on what the baby want. Because if you will give warm milk to baby always then that might create health related problem like loose motion. So, the milk should be lightly warm or cold. This will keep the baby healthy and fit.

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