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My teats have turned orange!!!

Help please...I put my bottless in the dishwasher and the teats and lids have turned orange!!!! Apart from looking really ugly, is it harmful? does anyone know if i can get the stains off.


  • hello, i did this to and couldent get the stains out so had to buy new ones !!
    i dont think its harmful as it would have come from some food the colouring that was left on the dishes
    i did use my after until i could get to a shop n baby was fine hope this kind of helps x
  • Some of mine have turned orange when i have steamed them in the microwave perhaps it is the heat that is doing it x
  • Mine went orange whenthe lads ate food and then took a drink straight away. I think it's tomato/carrot stains. We are using ours 4 months later and no harm done.
  • Thanks, ill keep the stained ones for use at home and invest in some new ones!.
  • Yeah this does happen in dishwashers cos has happened to mine. It does it to tupperwear too and is just staining and will do no harm x
  • I've had some go yellow!!! but that was because i put jason's cold water teether in the sterilizer as well & it melted!! we were due to go up a flow on teats so we weren't too bothered! personally i would buy new ones tho, just to be safe
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