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Aptamil formula storage

LO is on Aptamil formula and hubby and I are not sure on how to store it. At the moment, we are making them fresh when LO needs it. Is it possible to make up a few ready, chill them and store them in the fridge? The package says you cant do that but I'm sure I've seen people do this before

Thanks in advance


  • hi ppl used to do this all the time but new health advice suggest s that that is not the best way. i sort of go between both, i sterilsie all bottles then add the required amount of boiling water to each bottle then i do them up and leave them on the side (or in the fridge if u prefer) until needed when i then add the powder at the feed time. if u add the powder before then it mixes with the water and turns to milk and immediately starts to breed bacteria which is why it is recommended that u don't make feeds in advance. if u do add the powder prior to a feed it needs to be refridgerated and u shld use it within 2 hours, also never 're-give' a feed after 30mins or so as the bacteria in lo's saliva reacts with the milk.

    hth xx
  • hi, i have had this same dilemma, these new guidelines are very confusing! i also have a 6 yr old and last time round it was ''allowed'' to make up fgeeds for next 24 hrs and store them in the fridge until needed. i took the new guidelines to mean that you could make up the bottles ready but just with water and store in the fridge
    until needed then add the milk, heat and use immediately, after discussing this with my hv (i now havde a 6 week old too) i have come to realise this is not the case as that will not kill any bacteria in the milk powder which is why your supposed to use boiled water still at least 70 degrees, as putting it into cold water then heating it to only being luke warm provides an ideal breeding ground if any bacteria is present... and thats basically why each feed should be made fresh as required, athough in a realisic world this is easier said than done... what im doing is making about 3 bottles at a time using fresh boiled water then cooling them quickly in sick full of cold water and putting them at the back of the middle shelf of fridge (apparently thats the coldest part) then using as needed, at bedtime though i do take a bottle of water to bed with powder seperate to make up up when needed. i think that as long as things are clean and sterilised properly and we use basic common sense our babies will survive, to tell the tale, better than them sat there screaming for half an hour for their feed if they happen to be hungyry beofre they are supposed to be! my 6 yr old was absolutly fine,and my 6 week old is also fine, its all scaremongering i think! and someone actually gets paid to sit there and think up new things to confuse new mums with, its ridiculous... haha anyway rant over, sorry ill get off my soap box now! dont know if that made any sense at all, sorry so long reply. hope it helps xx
  • Hi. I do the same as Siany. I make up the bottles with water and then add formula just before I give ds his feed.

  • The correct way is to make it fresh as needed, however I personally do the water in one go (night before) and just add powder as needed. How you are suggesting was how it used to be done! they change the guidlelines all the time, and they are just guidelines! i would do whatever is easiest for you! My lo is 6 1/2mths old and has had no health issues!
  • Omgsh i'm paranoid now... I always put pre- boiled water in my sons bottles and add the powder when hes due a feed as it is quicker than having to boil the kettle every time and wait for the water to cool down, but for his night feeds I take pre-boiled water to bed with me and put the powder in a pot and jus add it when he wakes up for it.. Buh obviously that means i'm giving it to him at room temperature without heating... I'm scared now that i'm making him ill, he's always got viruses and has this cough that doesn't wona go away and hes constantly struggling with it.. Is this my fault ??
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