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In need of some help please!

Morning girls,

hope you are all doing ok. I have been wondering what some of you do regarding feeds when you go out for the day with baby.

At the moment it's not too bad as i make up Grace's feeds and put them in the fridge then feed her before we go out, but, i'm going to Milton Keynes to visit my nan next week (going from Romford, so quite a long journey) and have no idea what to do about bottles. I thought i could make them up and take them with me but then they say you should use them within 2 hours!

I'm a bit confused and not sure what to do, any advice would be appreciated :\)

Thank you

Sarah xx


  • Hi throughout the day I make up the bottles with the required amount of water and leave on the worktop. Then when it comes to feed time I put in the necessary amount of scoops, mix and feed. If I go out I just take the bottles, measure out the milk ready in my Avent milk powder dispenser then just pour in and mix when needed. My lo takes it at room temp. as well so its pretty easy!
    You can also buy pre-made cartons, you use pour them into your pre-sterilised bottle when needed. I've never bothered with these though.
    I suppose if your lo likes it warm its a bit more difficult. If she won't take it at room temp. and you need to feed her on the way you could just stop at a service station and ask them for a jug of hot water to heat it up. x
  • If you lo takes it warm you could take a flask of boiling water with you (or use your nan's microwave) and then pour an oz or so away when its feed time, top it up with the boiling water, add the powder and serve.

  • Thank you for your replies ladies. I went and bought a TT bottle warmer today along with powder dispensers, think that will be the easiest option!!

    Thanks again

    Sarah xx
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