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Should I be giving him water?


Just a quick question....up til 3 weeks ago Jack was mostly bf but now I am only bf him at night and he is having 4 x 7oz in the day ( he is 5 months old) should I be giving him any water?

I know if exc b/f they dont need it but now he is nearly exc ff I wondered if I need to give him water as well.

Any help would be great, thanks


  • hi, it is a good idea to offer cooled boiled water between feeds, especially if ur more than 50/50 bf/ff to stop them dehydrating. if his tools become hard and his fontanelle is depressed then he definately needs extra water. just a few sips between fids shld do it (a very young baby cld probably get away with 1-2 oz thru out the day but older babies will need at least 5-6oz especially after weaning and the more mobile they are)

    hth xx
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