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Which formula do you use?

I know alot of you don't rate SMA gold so i was just wondering what everyone uses formula wise..

I was using SMA but just switched to C&G as thought SMA smelt and tasted awful (not that C&G seems much better) - lo doesn't mind either by the way it was me that thought it tasted/smelt bad!!

Also I noticed the other day that the HIPP organic formula seemed a fair bit cheaper than the rest... was surprised as usually organic stuff is more expensive! lol.... Does anyone use this? Also saw farleys in my local chemist and that was only ??4.90 a tin.... just weary why it is so much cheaper than most popular brands!

Amy x


  • I'm using Aptamil First. This is what the midwives gave baby while in hospital as a top up to breastmilk. I am now solely bottlefeeding. Seems to be suiting Zakareya well.
  • I'm using Cow & Gate too. It does taste/smell a lot nicer than SMA, and my little man is thriving on it!
  • ive been using hipp organic as it was cheaper than the new farleys one, but then the scoops are bigger so we were going through more so we are now using aptamil which tegan was first weaned onto off of the breast x
  • I changed to Aptamil First (was using SMA Gold) & Dylan seems to be much better on it!
    Sarah xx
  • i used sma gold with my older 3 and will be with this one i never had any problems wit it
  • Hi, The farleys was prob cheap as you can not get it any more as it has been re-branded as nurture, which is v expensive.
    We used Hipp Organic but it does not goes as far as SMA gold as it comes in two pouches rather than a tin. As another person said the scoops are also bigger.
    We used SMA gold with our first but the receipe was changed and was no longer vegetarian, which is the main reason why we changed to Hipp.
  • Hi honey,

    We use Aptamil and can't recommend it enough!
    Ruby is thriving and is very happy on it, and i've never heard anyone say a bad word about it.
    I think it's one of the dearest but it's worth paying the extra ??1 a tub for the best!
    I've noticed that Hipp is going up in price too. I was always amazed at thow cheap it is. It used to be ??4.90 and I saw it last week for ??6.90!!!
    I don't know why it's so cheap but the reason that Aptamil is more expensive is that it is the closest forumla to breastmilk and has prebiotics, which is so good for babies. Cow and gate is another great one with similar ingredients but slightly cheaper xx
  • We started Grace on SMA Gold, but she was ill on it, so changed to SMA Lactose free, still poorly, so we tried the Wysoy.. NOPE..

    So now she is on Nutramigen.
    Thank god I can get it in prescription for her as it is ??12.92 for a small tin!
  • Just like Sarah's lo, Ethan was on SMA Gold, but not great on it. Now changed to Aptamil First and seems much better.

    Floopy & Ethan
  • I had all my boys on C&G but its funny u know, Isaac used to throw up everywhere so I had to bf him. then wen i put him bk on formula at about 8 weeks the only 1 he would keep down was SMA Gold?! Strange.
  • Hi, when my LO was on formula I eventually used HIPP as it was cheaper, you get the same amount of powder & the scoop is only slightly bigger. I liked the idea that it was in 2 sachets as I feel it keeps the powder fresher for longer, I guess the packaging is simpler to produce than the other brands making it cheaper. Before HIPP I used C&G & their comfort range too but the comfort is very dear! But at the time he needed help with his wind!
    I'm sure the HV's are on commission for promoting Aptimil! lol! My LO would vomit alot with this brand & he didn't like SMA gold either, neither did I - I've always tasted what I gave my LO & tasted my breast milk too but I've a friend who never tasted any of the formula she gave her girls.

  • Ive only just started Mack on the formulas and Ive got him Cow and Gate, id read bad reports on SMA Gold and I know Cow and Gate have been around for years. I read the label and everything and apparently it has certain things found in breastmilk. Also I was bottle fed and my mum used cow and gate and never had any problems and that was 20 years ago so Im sure they've only got better image
  • We use Cow & Gate 1 year + but used Aptamil,Sma gold and Sma 6 months + ..never noticed a difference to be honest.;10729;116/st/20070810/n/My+little+girl/dt/7/k/38bb/age.png;10051;89/st/20090512/dt/7/k/7b14/preg.png

  • have used c&g with both my boys and will use the same again for this lo when he arrives.
  • Ellie has been on C&G since birth (she didn't take to BF at all!) & then around 4 months she changed to the C&G no.2 for hungrier babies. She is a small baby but well in proportion & has had no problems with C&G. I would recommend it to anyone as there are so many different varieties & it means if you are changing your baby to a soya formula or comfort then it's the same brand so they are less likely to notice the change in taste. It also is fortified with pre-biotics & their closest recipe to brest milk.
  • I had Theo on SMA gold when I stopped breastfeeding a week ago but he was really constipated on it so switched to Aptimal and it seems fine! He does hate pooing though, I dont know why but he gets so agitated before and while he's going but I think thats him not the milk!
  • we use sma gold and have never had problems with it. i think every baby is different...its all about trial and error :\) we had problems with cow and gate and also sma white. also had him on aptimil and he was very happy on that too xx
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