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Help! Advice needed re feeding

I'm totally new to this site. But need some advice pllleeeeeassse!!
My LO is now 11wks old. Over the last few days he's been really fussing over his bottle. He's been exclusively bottle fed since he was born (BF just didn't work out) and has allways been fine - if a bit windy.
He takes between 6 and 7oz per feed. He starts off fine. I usually have to wind him when he gets down to about 4oz as he's a bit of a gulper to start off with. When I put him back on the bottle he gets fussy, screams, waves his arms all over the place etc. He doesn't really settle down until he's practicaly finished and almost falling asleep.
Other than this he's such a happy little chap, always smiling and gurgling.
If anyone else has a similar problem I'd really like to know. Have asked my friends and mum and none of them have had this before. I feel like I'm doing something wrong with him.



  • If i remember rightly an 11 week old shouldnt needwinding as much. My daughter was the same. In the end i let her take the whole bottle and then wind at the end. I think she created coz she was so hungry and winding inbetween used to annoy her.
    Good luck
  • Thanks. Have tried this over the last few days as i was thinking along the same lines. he seems much happier now. Was getting into a right little strop whenever i take him off before he's ready!
  • Yeah, I did try a size 3 (avent) teat as I thought he might be getting bored and not getting milk quick enough, but he drowned in milk. poor little thing. thanks for the advice anyway.
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