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TT bottle smelling of washing up liquid!

- Any suggestions, I soak and wash all my bottles I then rinse them and they are then sterilised.

However no matter how much I rinse the bottle still smell of washing up liquid and quite often I find my self throwing out water as it taste of the liquid.

I know I am rinsing the bottles properly as its been the first thing I tried

Any ideas/suggestions etc etc?


  • Didn't want to r&r - but I have no idea! I do the same as you and mine don't smell? Maybe try a different washing up liquid?

    I would think it is ok as they are sterilised but not sure if it tainting the water?

    Sorry not much help image
  • ....... It's so odd, I'll keep bottles of water for him during the day and they taste nasty!
  • Actually - re reading this I don't soak mine either! I just wash them as normal in hot water and rinse them under the cold tap - then sterilise them! It could be the soaking that is doing it! Well done Kathryn for seeing that!
  • my tommee tippee bottles all smell of fairy green apple blossom. i cant get rid of the smell, but yes i left them steeping in hot water. My Avent bottles are all fine, and the plastic tt bottles are not scratched on the inside, so they should be fine but nope, they still stink and i cant get rid of it. I hate Tommee Tippie stuff, funily enough everything i have for baby is TT. 

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