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Where to buy Nursing Bras!

I breastfed my first little girl for 8 months and got my bras from Mothercare or Marks and Spencer.

That was 2 and half years ago and now im 31 weeks pregnant with number 2 and intend to breastfeed again i was just wondering where you can buy nursing bras from apart from where i got them first time around. Do like tesco/asda/newlook do maternity bras these days?

Or anywhere you ladies would recommend

Thanks X


  • Hi i found debenhams very good and not too expensive, they have quite a good fitting service and do a good selection of size, i actually got some new ones at the weekend and with their sale on they cost me ??17 for
  • I'm not sure of anywhere else that sells them but I bought mine from Debenhams, I think they were 2 for ??20 or ??25???
  • Debenhams! I had them from M&S and Mothercare first time around, and thought they were ok - but I've got some Debenhams ones this time and love them, would only ever buy them from there again (if we ever have another!) - they have two layers so you don't have to get your whole boob out. Also, when I do wear my old M&S ones I wonder how I ever got on with them before, the clasp is tiny and so fiddly to do with one hand - maybe it's partly because I never mastered discretion the first time.

    I think New Look do nursing bras, H&M do - but when I went bra shopping when dd was 6 days old, Debenhams were cheaper than H&M!
  • Ditto for me! First time I used M&S and thought they were 'ok'. This time I have Debenhams and use my old ones for in bed only. The Debenhams ones look so much nicer and give you a good shape with probably the best support I've found in a nursing bra!
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  • I was also going to say Debenhams. If you can get them in a blue cross sale they are an absolute bargain!
  • If your a normal size, matalan have a couple. Only go up to dd back size 40, but I got one for ??6 and it's nice and comfy
  • O, and asos sell them too just search nursing and you'll get all sorts, some gorgeous bras and nice dresses too.
  • I'd say Debenhams too, although i have 2 types of nursing bra from there. The best ones are the ones that have the 2 layers so it's bit more discreet. 2 for ??25 and they are quite pretty too! At that price thought I only have 3 nursing bras and a few maternity ones on standby so it's a good job my daughter pukes so much and my washing machine's on a lot!
  • Hot Milk were the best I found, got mine cheap from

    Got my other from Mothercare but nowhere near as good as Hot Milk x
  • I just bought some in debenhams yesterday & they're so comfy!! As the others have said the 2 layers allow a bit more discretion & nice big clasps are easy to do one handed. I tried on m&s but they were very uncomfy & the clasps were so small I couldn't use them.

    My other bras are all from mothercare, they're ok but these debenhams ones are cheaper (2 for ??20) & far superior!
  • You can buy nursing bras online as well in the maternity section of department stores. You can pay discount store prices or pay a lot more for a higher quality garment. There are also many catalogs for new mothers that sell nursing bras along with other baby and breastfeeding products.


    Nursing bras are designed with cups that open. You can open the flap on the cup so that baby can nurse while the rest of the bra stays in place. Here's what to look for when you shop:

    * Flaps should be easily opened with one hand. If you can refasten them with one hand, that's even better. Remember, your other arm will be holding a hungry baby. For discreet nursing in public, choose a bra with fasteners that you can open without looking at them.

    # The bra should support the breast from beneath even when the cup is open. This makes feeding more comfortable and reclosing the bra less of a struggle.

    # Avoid bras that open completely at the front for a feeding. You'll have a hard time wrestling your breasts back into place when you're done nursing.

    # Nursing bras should fit comfortably. Bras that are too tight can leave you vulnerable to plugged ducts and breast infections in the parts of the breast where straps or underwires block the flow of milk.

    # Avoid underwires, especially in the early postpartum weeks. If you do choose an underwire bra, be very particular about the fit. The breast's milk-producing tissue extends all the way back to your rib cage and up into your armpit. An underwire may obstruct the milk ducts in this area--besides poking and annoying you. (Underwire bras can be miserable to wear during pregnancy. The wires dig into your upward-expanding abdomen whenever you sit down.)

    # Cups should be made of a breathable fabric. This is usually 100 percent cotton, although some of the newer synthetics also allow the skin to breathe. Other synthetics trap moisture next to the nipples and encourage bacterial growth and soreness. Don't buy a bra with a plastic lining.

    # You'll need at least three bras: one to wear, one in the laundry, and one in the drawer. Owning a few more means you'll have to wash less often.

    Nursing bras,Breast Soother
  • I currently own 7 nursing bras, but my 2 Bravados (the Bliss and the Body Silk) are my favorites. Since my pre-pregnancy breast size was decent but not huge, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe consists of a lot of lower cut tanks and tees that just don't work with the full coverage that most maternity bras offer.

  • I found some for me at eBay

  • Bravado are supposed to be good, and the hot milk ones too. Also, Freya do them if you need something with more support.

  • I also found some on eBay and some local stores.


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