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Does anyone else's baby prefer ready made milk?

My 8 week old baby can take 7oz of ready made milk from a carton but wont take anymore tgan 5oz of powdered milk!

Is it just my baby that has expensive taste?

Also does anyone know where yo can buy cartons of Aptamil in bulk?


  • Lol!! My baby is just greedy so isn't fussy if it's ready made or powder!!

    Only place I can think that may do it in bulk is macro.

  • We use instant and powdered formula and when i told the midwife she said that a lot of babies start to prefer instant and will go off powdered for some reason so its not uncommon image
  • I've noticed my baby is less sick with instant milk, I feed him this during the night to save time. It's expensive though aye.. X
  • hi my baby is only 10 days old but we use cartons thru the night, and he def drinks alot more of carton. My midwife said it is the way it is made, the ready made one is thinner and less filling so babies tend to take more x
  • I have started stacking up on the cartons as I am due next month. The only thing I wanted to try and get were pre-made bottles (for the 1st day) as I am having a home birth and will need a bottle ready as soon as baby is born. - Cow and gate ones seem to be sold out everywhere??
  • After breast milk which I gave for 7.5months topped up with a little Nutriprem we've only ever used ready to feed (twins now 12 months).

    because of the babies having a special milk for 8 months to correct their growth due to prematurity I spoke to Cow and Gate at length and apparently Ready to Feed is easier to digest because it's heat treated (to make it sterile) which the body treats as partially digested so they'll therefore take more!

    So now you know!!
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