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3 months old - what night feeds are you doing?


My baby is now 13 weeks and I'm wondering what other people are doing about night feeds.

The good news for us is that LO has her last feed around 6-7pm and then goes to sleep at 7.30pm in her own room (we moved her last week).

We then do a dream feed when we go to bed - usually 10-11pm but we find that she may only do 2 or 3 oz. She then wakes again at 3am and may do another 3 or 4 oz. If we leave the dream feed she wakes up anywhere between 11pm and 1am at which point she may take 3-4 oz and is then up again at 4-5am (when I let her have 3oz). Either way she is waking up from around 5.30am and wanting time on her playmat and is not particularly interested in her morning feed. And I'm knackered!

All her daytime feeds are 6oz and she's around 13lbs.

Be interested to see what other people are doing and whether it's similar. I'm a second time mum but with no other friends who have had 2nd babies at this time so haven't got people to compare with

thanks :?


  • Hiya, my little one is 10 weeks and slept through the last night so fingers crossed it continues. Its taken so long to get her settled coz we've had to change her milk and she is now on lactose free stuff. I've also just changed her TT teat to the next size up which is causing problems. But now on a good day she will feed at 6, 10, 1-2, 5 in bed for 7 after her bath and then another feed at 10. I have to wake her for this feed which i hate doing but if i don't she wakes about 12 and then about 5-6am. I have just started making up 6oz bottles but think it may be too much for her little tummy as today she has taken alot but has been very unsettled after her feed.

    Do u use a dummy? Last nite she woke at 4am and i just gave her the dummy and she went back to sleep until 6am.
  • My little lady is almost 10wks. She will feed around 7pm and we then dream feed at 12am and she will sleep until 6-7am. The other day she fed at 10pm woke for a little grizzle at 3.30 and went back to sleep until 6.45!!

    Was going to say maybe try a dummy at night feed or leave to grizzle if not crying fir feed. It may be habit waking than actual hunger.

    Hope this helps

  • Hey!

    My little girl is 3 months now. She has 180mls at about 6.30pm and then goes to bed at 7pm. She wakes around 3am and takes another 180mls, which she tends to eat quite quickly. She then goes back to sleep and is up between 6.30 and 7am.

    I agree with MummyJC, perhaps try a dummy? My daughter sometimes starts grizzling a bit but putting her dummy in sends her right back off to sleep.

    F x
  • I was told not to dream feed as it stops them learning to go through the night without feeding.

    I put my 12 week old daughter on a schedule yesterday as she was still waking every 3 hours at night. So I feed her every 3 hours in the day from 7/8am and she has a nap about 1 1/2 hours after a feed then goes to bed at 7/8pm and now she sleeps through image x
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