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Breastfeeding ??

Hi ladies,

I'm 7 months pregnant with my 1st baby (a little girl) and i really want to give brest feeding a go when she arrives. was just wondering when did you start to leak? i've heard some leak before they have their baby and some on the day of delivery. Was also wondering is it hard to do and how long would you recommend to breast feed for?

Thank you for reading this,sorry for lots of questions.



  • Hey, I love breastfeeding although I had a very bumpy introduction to it and my main advice would be make sure baby is feeding properly before you discharge yourself from hospital. I was desperate to leave and ended up re-admitted because of feeding issues my daughter lost too much weight. Once you have it it is lovely and easy. It only really hurts if the latch is wrong. I didn't leak until she was maybe 2 weeks old when my milk properly came in it is different for everyone. I am still breast feeding at 21 weeks and not in a hurry to stop, mind you she doesn't have teeth yet image
  • I never leaked at all but still wore breast pads in case. I struggled to feed at first too. It can be difficult but like all new things it his something you both learn to do and once it is established it is so easy! Some of my friends stopped because their babies had teeth but my little girl never once bit me or even grazed me with her teeth. She had all her teeth by the time I stopped so try not to worry. Use plenty teething gels and coolers and she is less likely to want to bite you! x
  • I too had a very rocky start with my first baby. Number two was a breeze, but baby number three was also a little difficult in the beginning.

    The latch is key, if it's wrong BF will hurt. Make sure you get lots of support, it is out there. BF groups you can attend, your MW and HV will have details of when and where they are. NCT has info and La Leche League are good too.

    I need braestpads as I produce lots of milk, I probably needed them from day 4 this time around.

    Breastfeeding is the most gorgeous thing to do. As your baby grows you can look at them and feel immense pride that you and you alone are nurturing them, I love it. Good luck.
  • Hi,

    I have never leaked at all since once or twice in the first couple of weeks, not everyone does. image

    I'd just see how you get on before worrying about how long to do it - take it day by day.

    It's not hard at all when you (and baby) get the hang of it, but it is really time consuming for the first few weeks.

    It feels like you are feeding all the time but this is normal and just how the baby gets your milk supply going.

    I had no idea when to stop - I thought at 6 months when I went back to work, then maybe a year. My boy is now 19 months old and still has a couple of feeds a day!

    It's really nice to get a cuddle when he is normally too busy running around image
  • The experience of breastfeeding is special for so many reasons - the joyful bonding with your baby, the cost savings, and the health benefits for both mother and baby. Read on for tips and suggestions to help you successfully breastfeed. :lol: :x

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