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Tandem feeding

Just wanted opinions really. If anyone has any experience, do you think it's a good or a bad idea? My lo will be 17 months when the next comes along and was planning to just let him lead the way. If he decides to wean himself then fine, but I'm not going to try to wean him so he may still be feeding when the next baby is born. Any advice would be great!


  • At least some of you just read that title and thought to yourself "no, it's tandem NURSING." Ha! Yourself would be wrong. It's tandem FEEDING.

    At least it is in my house.

    I've mentioned a few times in past posts that Elnora is on breast milk again, though I haven't really given an explanation. I wanted to experiment a bit before I wrote about it here, but today seems as good a day as any. :evil:

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