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getting bubs to open mouth wider!

im getting latching on problems here! i thought id cracked it but nips are suffering again! dd2 is just over 2 weeks old now and just seems to be a bit lazy with her mouth opening. ive done all the nose to nipple etc things. sometimes i have to wait for her to start crying and get boob in while her mouths open! image

HELP! :lol:


  • Having the same problem here!! I try to be quick when I see an open mouth & shove him on but clearly my nipples don't reach back into his mouth enough as I can feel them being tugged on and they are sore!!

    How can I get him to open wide & keep it wide long enough for me to get him positioned correctly??
  • I don't know if it will help or not but if you hold your breast between your thumb and forefinger and flattern it a bit when they open their mouths push it in, you have to be really quick. When they are tiny it can be like getting their mouths round a beach ball! If you have an bf support groups in your areas pop along they are really great for support and advice x good luck x
  • my lo never opened her mouth really wide hun they just have small mouths if you cant see much of the bottom brown bit its ok. she still does now she open wider when the let down goes, they tried to say to me she was lacthed right, but then i did it there way and forced her to open as wide as she could then she started getting fussy and not putting on much weight. just work with it and let baby lead you for a bit see if you have any change. i believe they have to be comfortable as well to feed. my lo is 4 months xx
  • get checked for tongue tie!!

    seriously, m little one couldnt open his mouth wide or stick his tongue out, we had no latch at all. got it snipped @ 2weeks and still feeding at 19weeks
  • thanks girls. she was checked for tongue tie and its not that, altho i will get them to double check. i will be mighty impressed if ive managed to feed her for 5 weeks now with tongue tie, especially as she is piling on the pounds!

    still no luck with wide mouth opening. it seems no1 can help me!! im hoping her mouth will get wider and bigger as she gets older.. lol
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