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Increasing milk production and flow

Hi, i desperately need some advice... i was unfortunately unable to breastfeed as my baby was prem and had low blood sugar so had to have formula straight away. We then found out that he was slightly tongue tied so was unable to latch on successfully. I have since been expressing and giving my milk in a bottle followed by formula as a top up (he's a greedy little man!)...

Unfortunately we've had a lot of family staying over the last week and i was unable to express as often as i'd have liked due to days out and feeling uncomforatble in front of the overbearing in laws. I've noticed that my milk flow has decreased quite a bit... can anyone suggest anything to help get more milk production and flow? I really want my son to have as much of my milk for as long as possible.


  • When my milk supply was low my HV suggested switch feeding to me, i dont know how well it will work with pumping but it might be worth a go.

    Basically you do 2 minutes on each side twice over and then finish the feed on each boob - or pump until dry in your case, which fools the breast into thinking that it is having to provide for a lot more feeds than you are actually doing. I was also told to pump after each feed for 5 minutes on each side, it might be worth continuing to pump even if you are not getting anything out as again it should fool your body into thinking that it hasnt been making enough.

    I also did breast compressions (and still do) which is where you squeeze down on the breast in an attempt to "wring it out" as my HV put it to make sure that you really have emptied out the breast.

    I hope that you are able to translate these into your pumping regime and get your milk supply back up soon xxxx
  • Just to add to the above I was told oats are great for increasing milk supply and I have porrige every morning for breakfast and have no problem with supply xx
  • If you are strictly pumping, you will want to do this every two to three hours. Every four hours overnight. Is there anyway to get baby back on your breast? It would increase your milk supply a lot to do this.

    My LC recommended to me any my milk supply has increased dramatically. I received it in the afternoon, and by the next morning I was engorged and able to pump several ounces. Before this I could only pump 1/2 ounce. It has really helped to increase my milk supply.
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