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Itchy nipples when feeding

This is driving me loopy, feels like my nipple itches when I feed. Starts part way through the feed & doesn't stop till I take him off.

Does anyone else get this? What is it??


  • It's a weird one but it does stop pretty much as quickly as it starts. I have no idea what causes it just wanted you to know that you werent the only one!
  • You never said how long you have been feeding and whether this is a new problem. Sometimes when you first start feeding you experience weird symptoms which will either settle or you get used too. However I would still get it checked incase it is a problem such as an infection like thrush x
  • I've been feeding a week now. It's only when I feed that I get the sensation, very odd.

    Also been feeling nauseous with it but have read that's not unusual at the beginning.
  • Could it be the let down of milk? In between feeds I get this itchy tingly feeling and if I peek in my bra I see that I'm leaking milk. Could it be the same sensation of milk coming out when you're feeding?
  • When I first started feeling the let down, I didn't realise what it was for ages, my nipples would feel really tingly and almost uncomfortable and I just thought it was the cold as my lo was born in the winter. I then realised it coincided with me leaking milk and then figured it must be let down.
  • Im just about finished with breast feeding after 9 months of feeding izzy but this has happened to me since birth.I havent a clue what it is but i got use to it. Its a very strange feeling.

  • Thrush and breastfeeding are often closely connected. You can tell if you if you have thrush from symptoms such as persistent nipple pain, itchy or burning nipples that look pink or red, shiny, flaky, or have a rash with tiny blisters, cracked nipples, shooting pains in your breasts after feeding your baby, deep breast pain and intense breast or nipple pain that doesn't get better with better latch-on and positioning. :cry:

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