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Help, I really need advice!!

My baby is just over 3 weeks old. Last friday he started being sick, projectile vomiting..

I put this down to a bug at first as one of my children had a stomach bug. But it lasted too long and he wasnt bringing up every feed, so didnt think it could be the bug.

So I changed his milk, from cow and gate to aptimal. He is still being sick, but only once in the evening.

I am finding that he feeds ok in the morning and decent intervals, then as the day goes on he wants feeding at closer times, then seems unsettled. Then its just a matter of time before he is sick.

I dont know if im going wrong by giving him the feed when he wants it.

Does anyone have any advice they can offer??

Thanks, from a very frustrated mummy.


  • sorry I can't really give advice, but wanted to reply.

    I have twins and for quite a while in the evenings my little girl was seriously projectile vomiting and it was really stressful, and I thought it was loads of different things. I was giving them EBM plus a little formula, so wrote down everything I ate, then experimented with the medicines she was on (they are preemies) but at finish it seemed to be simply that she was probably overeating, and I couldn't do anything about it...

    sorry, it may be worth seeing your GP in case they want to consider lactose intollerance, but generally (I wouldn't have been happy with this advice) it really does reslove's just horrid and hard work for you in the meantime.

  • I just run into your post and wanted to say (even though you've problem is probably solved already) that I agree with Lyndsayuk about overeating - you should just give less food to your baby. image
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