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Update on me

Well I decided after so much agony to give up bf'ing & expressed instead but after just over a week realised it wasn't what I wanted and returned to bf'ing

We're still struggling with the latch though, i went to see a bf peer supporter yesterday who helped me get him to open his mouth wider but when I put him on he pulls back so he doesn't have as much breast in his mouth.

I am mix feeding as by the evening I'm exhausted (I have ME so by 7pm i quite often feel like I have flu & am beyond exhausted) and with a 2 year old to get to bed etc it suits us better plus at least hubby can help with night feeds.

We know my latch is still not right as my nipple is always flattened after a feed it's so frustrating as I feel like we're right on the cusp of cracking it (he's 6 weeks on tues) but just can't seem to get that last bit!! :x


  • You'll get there! Keep going that's what pepole keep telling me! well done for perservering!

    Can I ask how she got your ds to latch on wider? I use a nipple shield but seem to have problems getting dd to latch wide, with the shield it doesn't hurt but I don't think she is being a very efficient feeder as she takes alot of time and most times I express after and end up offering her expressed milk in a bottle to 'top her up', then I end up either pumping or feeding the majority of the time!
  • What I do is physically squash my breast by holding it with the other hand and by flattening it, then pulling the nipple down over ds top lip and flicking it in.

    Eventually he has learnt to open wider, that and his mouth has grown which has helped! He latches himself now most times, which is something he never did.

    Think it's called an exaggerated latch

    Hope that helps a bit
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