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what do you ladies wear to ease BF in public/out and about, i'm hoping if it works out to have lots of skin to skin at home whilst feeding but what can i wear out thats easy, i dont really want to buy a whole new wardrobe if i can help it x


  • I never had the courage to BF in public but had a lot of BF'ing tops from h&m which are like a V neck style with a pull up panel in the middle x
  • to be honest anything with buttons that go to just below the boobs, shirts are brilliant.

    or if your self conscious, try a vest top tucked under your boobs and then lift up your normal top so tummy is covered as is the other boob.

    i dont have any specific nursing clothes, generally cos theyre so difficult to find, ple nty of people do maternity clothes, no where does nursing!

    wrap style tops are brill, cross over fronts or buttons are my stand bys.

    though i do hwear plain ordinary tops that i just lift one side enough, and baby covers any tummy thats on show.

    youll find that after the first couple of weeks you dont need skin to skin as muhc, though its still lovely. and feeding is much easier after the first few weeks, enjoy it
  • I bought the breast feeding vest tops from Mothercare in a number of different colours (pink, black, navy and white) and that saw me through. They're not too expensive. But the vest top tip above is a useful one too.

    I also bought some tunic tops online by Boob (they did them as a vest top, a long or 3/4 sleeve top, and maxi dresses) with a stretchy elasticated panel over the bust which were fantastic: flattering and really comfortable, but they are rather expensive.

    Hope you're well PP!

  • I wear vest tops that are stretchy so I can just pull one side down below the boob or v neck tops. But I must admit my nursing wardrobe is rather limited so quite often just wear a normal top that I can pull up.

    I've only bf once in public so far but aside from some chavvy mums giving me dirty looks it was fine. I lifted my top up & covered with a muslin until I was sure Thomas was on then took the muslin away as it was hot.
  • thanx ladies

    "waves to reeny"
  • I have a few tops from feeding my son, H&M do nursing tops that aren't too expensive, but I also just did my own by wearing stretchy vest tops under a normal top, or even my bump band just to cover my tummy when lifting top up. Last time I also wore vest tops that I'd put vertical slits in (on the outer sides of boobs) and then a top over. You can't see the slits and when you lift your top up you only need to pull the slit over your bood so none of you is showing once baby is latched on.

    To be honest my son was such a frantic feeder as he had reflux and sucking problems so he would constantly latch on and off during a feed, I just had to get used to not caring or even looking around when out in public while feeding, people must have seen the odd bit of flesh on occasion but no one ever said anything and I didn't care anyway once I got used to feeding in public.
  • I have just put this on another post, but will add here too. I have one of those breastfeeding capes (think it was ??7.50 from e-bay) and I haven't bought any special breastfeeding clothes, just wear my normal with cape on. I haven't breastfeed out in public though, but I have in front of people with cape (friends when visiting and at other people's houses)
  • I too wear vests under my bra so my tummy is covered (you can get them for ??1.50 from primark), then wear any normal top over the top which I lift up, then it is only my one boob on show which quickly is hidden by baby once latched on.
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