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bf and dresses???

I have spent years bf and avoiding dresses because of my inability to figure out how to bf in one, but I miss wearing dresses.... does anyone have any practical tips to make this work.... short of hiking the skirt bit up under my arms :lol:



  • Pop a boob out over the top, and only wear stretchy ones! Currently

    Sat here in my maxi, having fed ds whilst out and about by popping a boob out just enough for him to latch on, no one could see anything image x
  • jersey wrap over front dresses!!!

    or button fronted
  • Any wrap dress with a boob tube/ bandeau top underneath you can breastfeed in - or any dresses with a criss cross empire line with a top under. I found that you could pull the boob tube up and the dress down and hardly anything can be seen.
  • I have one of those brestfeeding capes and I wear all my normal clothes. I haven't been brave enough to breastfeed in public properly yet though.
  • Our breastfeeding dresses give you a style suited for the even the most formal occasion where you can breastfeed your baby in complete discretion. Our nursing dresses give you confidence by flattering your shape whilst letting you feed your baby and enjoy the party. Our dresses come in a range of colours and styles aimed at all tastes. The breastfeeding dresses can be paired up with jewelry to make a statement for that special occasion, but can also be paired up with leggings to give a casual tunic look, making them verstaile breastfeefing wear. imageops: image

    Breast Soother

    Maternity bras
  • there are some nice loking breastfeeding dresses on I'm only 25 weeks pg so haven't tried them but have been looking around so I have some idea what's about for when this lo arrives in the hope that feeding goes well.
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