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Feeding in France

Hi! I just wondered if anyone had any experience of feeding in France? We go on holiday soon and my baby feeds every hour through the day, so finding a cafe etc to sit quietly will not always be possible. There are going to be times when I need to sit and feed on a bench etc. I wondered what the attitudes were like there and if like here, you are not allowed to ask a woman not to feed. We will be having a half board meal plan and wondered if hotels would be okay with feeding. Thanks


  • Ive no idea what the attitude or law is in france. Can you phone the hotel? And invest in one of those bfing coveralls?
  • I've read that the French are very anti public breastfeeding, and think that it is something that should be done in the privacy of one's own home. I think it would be best to ring the hotel to ask them whether they have a policy or not, and to invest in something that will enable you to be completely hidden so that no one knows what you are doing.

    It is a shame that they have this attitude. I hope you have a good holiday x
  • I live near Toulouse, south-west France, and whilst I don't have any experience of feeding over here (lo is almost 2) since we've moved, we have holidayed here and encountered no problems with feeding. I would suggest it's the same as the UK tbh, so just do what you'd do at home - finding somewhere as quiet as possible and cover up, as I'm sure you do already - there are few mums who advertise what they are doing image Although saying that a few weeks ago I was faced with a lady breastfeeding in the local supermarket! She had the baby in a sling but she wasn't covered at all! I b'fed all three of my children but never ever whilst doing the weekly shop lol!

    Good luck and have a lovely holiday xx
  • Thank you ladies for your advice. I am going to contact the hotel to see what they say. I will make sure when I feed in public I am very discreet as I am here. Hopefully I won't run in to any problems
  • Hi Gail, I'd be interested to hear what they say if you have time to post again. I'm going soon, self cstering but there's bound to be a time when we're out and need to feed, we're not quite every hour but still don't go long without! Hope you have a nice time x
  • Oh, by the way, the babies don't always cry on the planes. I was seated 1 seat apart from a maybe 3-4 months old baby, and his mom breastfed him on take-off and landing, and he didn't make a sound! :x :lol::cry:

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  • Hi! Just wanted to let you ladies know we had a great holiday and feeding was no problem. I never got any funny looks or was asked to move etc. I did notice more people looking than here, but I don't know if that is because I was watching for it. Still, it was okay. I however never saw one other person breast feeding. There were mothers bottle feeding everywhere but never breast feeding x
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