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preparing formula milk in advanced and warming up help?

My 2 week old baby prefers warm milk but does not give me enough time to boil water half hour before hand and then add the formula. Is there a way of preparing the formula in advanced (bulk making maybe) and then when I need to heat (I have avent digital bottle warmer) the bottle and formula I can then feed him with no stress. Im currently using aptimil ready made cartons and then heating up what i need when i need to. I want to go onto aptimil powdered milk soon so any advice would be greatly appreciated. He doesnt really like room temperature milk at the moment so eventually we will give it another go.


  • as the current recommendations are to make bottle on demand with water no cooler than 70 degrees and cool rapidly due to bacteria growth, we had to use a flask to keep our hot water in. we boiled the kettle then let it cool for 20/25 mins and then filled the flask so our water was at least ready to make bottles with-its not perfect as u do still have to cool bottle however it does make it a little easier. we just redid the flask throughout the day and it did help. others will tell u its ok to make up in advance as per the old guidelines, however that would be your choice. x
  • due to the rules and not being able to cool it fast enough (and not being able to bear my twins crying) I used ready to feed from the start and still use it now they're 12 months old.

    I gave them EBM with a top up of formula, eventually we went onto just formula... although it's more expensive it's so much easier and you just cut back in other places. Ready to feed is sterile - the powdered is not. Good luck in finding the solution that works best for you.
  • Hi

    I use a flask too. It is so much easier. I was told by the hospital to do it this way, but the first couple of days i used ready to drink until i got into the swing of things.

    Hope you find something to suit you

    x x
  • I make my bottles up in advance. I make four bottles up at at time, which only last about 12 hours anyway because my daughter is fussy and doesn't take a whole feed in one go. I sterilise the bottles and then make the bottles up with water that has been boiled and left to stand for 15 minutes. Then I get them straight into the fridge. I thoroughly sanistise every utensil and work surface before I make up the feeds and have lowered the temp in my fridge xx
  • Forgot to add, I do not use a bottle that has been in the fridge for longer than 12 hours. The guidlines say if you make a feed up in advance then do not store it for longer than 24 hours - I figured cutting that time in half would ensure that the bacteria growth risk is kept to a minimum.
  • hi i also made my bottles up in advance for my son then put them in the fridge at the end of the day you should do what suits you and your familly best my son is 9 months old and it hasnt heart him in any way
  • With my daughter when I used to feed her , I used to make the bottles up with boiling water put in the fridge and then when she wanted milk I would boil water again a top up the water normally about an ounce and then add the powder. It was then a perfect temperature
  • I put the boiled water in the bottles and let it cool for 10mins and put it in the fridge. I dont put the powder in unitll I need it so its still a fresh bottle, but I measure out all the powder in advance in little containers(tommie tippie ones) so when I need a bottle I heat it up in the micorwave for 30 sec then put the powder in and hey presto ive a bottle in less than 1min. image
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