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electric or manual


what pump should i get to start of with manual or electric


  • electric are so easy to use. I have the medela. The medela swing is apparently the best but I have the other one and it is great. On reviews I read it was too noisy, whereas the swing is quiet but I find this one sends my baby to sleep. Even put it on the other night when she couldn't sleep and it sent her to sleep (it is like white noise) . (Not sure this works for all babies, so I wouldn't buy it just on that. :lol: )

    Oh I think the swing one is ??99 and I saw this one on offer in mothercare for ??45. It is usually ??55.

    My friend had a manual one and she said it was a pain, she had a sore hand and didn't get much.

    I guess it depends on how often you will use it - once in a blue moon - manual (they are cheaper)

    More often - electric.

  • I used a hand held tt to begin with but found it really hurt my hand so changed for a medela swing. It is absolutely fab and really quick for expressing, however was expensive at just short of ??100. I'm about to put mine on ebay, its worth keeping an eye on there x
  • depends on how long you want to give your baby breastmilk for.

    I expressed for twins for 7.5 months and rented a medela symphony which was excellent - it's a hospital grade one, quick, quiet and did the trick for us
  • like the other ladies have said, if it's for every now and then theres no point spending a fortune. For long term use where the baby doesnt breast feed at all, the hand held ones hurt your hand and do not give enough stimulation on their own to keep a good milk supply going. For that you need an electric one. If you put the cost of ??100 or so against the cost of formula over time, and the benefits to your baby and yourself its worth doing x
  • Yeah I'd say it depends on what you're looking to do. I bf for almost 9 months and initially used a manual which had been given to me. It was great for the occasional time I would express to ease engorgement or to make a bottle up if I was popping out and leaving baby with Dad but it wouldn't have suited me if I was expressing regularly or sole expressing. I did however buy a used Medela off e-bay for about ??15 after my manual lost its suction. I found it was noisy and not very discreet which my husband found hillarious, but it was ok for what I needed it for. I actually found I got a better performance from my manual pump as I had more controll but its a personal preference. I've opted for a manual again this time and I'm sure it'll be fine for my needs.
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