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Are you sick of being made to feel like a bad mum for bottle feeding?


  • The person who wrote this obviously has no idea about the real benefits of breastfeeding and has listened carefully to formula marketing. Whilst it is every woman's choice how they feed their baby, and I know people who have really wanted to breastfeed and haven't been able to or who have simply chosen to formula feed and would never make them feel like bad mothers, I feel strongly against claims and uninformed articles such as this.
  • This article could have been written by anyone, no 'expert', but there's nothing really wrong with it.

    I had to give my twins breastmilk from a bottle for 7.5 months, topped up after a while with formula, and eventually just formula.

    I'm very pleased I was able to give them breastmilk and have always found bottles a real chore (prem babies fed every 2-3 hours x 2 + expressing gear = lots and lots of washing & sterilising).

    I think every woman should try to give their baby a little try at least at their breast, but noone should be made to feel a failure if it doesn't work or they choose to bottle feed.

    It was a major source of heartbreak to me for months, but now I'm getting over it. My babies are well and love me and don't care how they are/were fed.

    It got to the stage I was on the pump instead of giving them attention so it was time to stop - I'm certain I made the right choice and every woman will make the choice that's best for their situation.
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