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Help! Baby has stopped wanting to bf :-(

My lo is 8 weeks old and we have been combination feeding from about 1st week. He typically has had only one bottle of formula after the breast last thing at night so we can all get a bit more sleep, especially my toddler. However, lo was not thriving on the breast and dropped from 25th to 2nd centile. We then introduced a top up bottle feed esp in the really hot weather to ensure he was getting enough and to help with his weight gain.

Well in the last few days I've noticed that he is refusing to breastfeed for any length of time. He will suck for 5 mins before pulling off and screaming. Initially I thought it was reflux (which he suffers from) but I now think he is just getting impatient and the breast is too much effort? I feel we are in a vicious cycle now where he won't feed so I end up having to give him formula (don't have enough stock of expressed milk) and this is probably just making him lazier and less likely to feed next time round. Can anyone suggest how to get out of this? Just now I tried giving him a small bottle of expressed milk to satisfy his initial hunger before moving him to the breast but he still refused to latch on when the bottle was finished....

I really wanted breastfeeding to work but I feel like it just isn't and it's making both me and my baby miserable :cry:
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