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LO favouring one breast over the other one

Hi ladies

My DS is 1 week old, so I know this may be a little premature but I'd like a bit of reassurance or your opinions please.

We have been breast feeding from birth, and from the outset my DS had a preference for the left breast. I have persevered with feeding from both breasts, but have noticed that his feeds are longer from his 'favoured' left breast (20-30mins) than the right one (10-20mins). Plus when it is time for a feed from the right breast he spends 5-10mins 'playing' with the right nipple - i.e putting his mouth round it but not latching on, licking it etc. Eventually he will latch on but the latch doesn't quite feel as secure as when he is on the left breast. At times it is uncomfortable, but it can be on the left breast too, and I'm aware that I still need to harden my nipples up a bit and I'm still getting used to things.

I have noticed that the right breast seems to have a fast let down and wondered whether this is why he takes a while latching on, as sometimes the milk is literally pooring out of my nipple without him having to do anything.

Has anyone else experienced this? Will it mean that my right breast isn't being drained after each feed? Any tips on how I can make him more interested (i've tried to hold him differently to mimick how he would be held when feeding from the left but he that doesn't work either).



  • Try not to worry about it, its normal! My ds always preferred my left breast and fed better from it, so it always had more milk, but i didn't find I looked too uneven, which was one of my worries. The left is neared your heart so they can hear your heartbeat which reassures them, apparently. I would keep feeding as you are just now, but if you find that the left is uncomfortably bigger put him on the right first every feed for a day or 2 and it will boost the supply in that one. xx
  • I had that problem with my first daughter and again this time and I don't know why. I have to hold my right breast up slightly when I feed or she won't latch on. I fed my first child till she was two and a half and although she didn't like one side she still fed from it and we never had any real problems, except me finding it a pain each feed. Thin k it is going to be the same this time x
  • Have you tried feeding little one in a rugby ball hold? Both my sons had a favourite (although it was a different one with each!) and I found that they would feed better off their least favourite side when in this position, I think it is partly to do with the side they are most comfortable lying on.

    This webpage shows how to save me trying to explain.
  • It is perfectly normal hun. My daughter has always favoured my right over my left,it has not caused a problem she is still bf at 8 months and still prefers the right. I still offer both sides but like you say she takes a better and longer feed from the preferred side. Apparantely it is normal to have one breast that is more efficient than the other x
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