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My boy was born on tuesday 2nd so nearly 1 wk ago. I did start to breast feed the 1st few days, but i didnt have the best of labour at all, which course afew problems so it made me change to bottle instead. he was 9lb 15 born so yes he is hungry. just hes different to my 1st has he also was 9lb 2 born but never a big eater.

So i thought i would express as he is still havin my milk but he is a hungry baby at the moment and im only producing around 3oz so he has a top up if and when he needs to of formular milk.

I am trying to express every 3 hrs a day if i can. Will my boobs start to produce more do you think? I worried i cannot give him the amount he needs and start to think might be easier to put him on formular to fill him. he goes about every 3hr if we are lucky.

We did try last night to give him a formular bottle of 4oz to fill him and hope he goes longer than ?? hrs, but didnt work because he struggles on times to take 4oz in one go.

if anyone has any suggestions about anything please tell me. will this slow down maybe when he goes back upto his birth weight?


  • Newborn babies will normally feed on a frequent basis (every 1-3hrs) during their first few weeks whilst they adjust to life outside of your tummy. It will be tiring and you will often find yourself questioning whether they are getting enough. Your MW/HV will normally advise you if they aren't gaining sufficient weight and how to adjust feeds if this is the case. Persist with the expressing as long as you can, feeling around the boob until flow slows to a stop. The breast milk is produced through the stimulation of baby suckling or you massaging and applying pressure in the same way, so if you continue regularly then your supply should maintain.
  • hello

    your body normally produces enough for your LO, there tummys are so tiny they feed frequent and little amounts, 4oz is a lot for a 1 weeks old to take, our LO takes 4-5 oz at just 4 weeks, it takes time before they will take more and last longer

    i express and it has increased in time x
  • Hello girls. I ve been reading your posts for advice. I don't have enough milk for my hungry boy, can I still express empty boobs to pretend the pump was the baby to up the supply? X
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