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which formulas best whilst breast feeding as come across problems?

Hi ladies,

i have a 5 week old daughter, ive been breast feeding from the start, but wanted to start to combine breast feeding with formula as this will help out with the family. we tried sma extra hungry baby but woke up in the night to her with a terrible rash over her body, i only given her the 1 bottle and continued to breast feed and the rash soon went away within 24 hours. i was wondering does that mean my daughter is allergic to cows milk? can i try a milk free one or? i also want to give her follow on milk after 6 months due to my job, will this affect things? i.e giving her the normal milk products with milk protein in?

thanks for reading my post, much appreciated xx


  • I probably would try normal milk before hungry milk since your LO is not used to formula. hungry milk is a lot thicker and I know a few people with babies who have found that hungry milk has not been good for baby. when I was formula feeding I used aptamil as it is supposed to be closer to breast milk, maybe try a pre-done carton of that and see how you get on? x
  • I used pre made cartons of Aptamil when I started to combination feed and that seemed to suit us.

  • I would also try again during the day so you can keep an eye on her and try a different brand. We used cow and gate when we were combi feeding only because SMA made her too sicky but they are all different x
  • Hi all

    Just an update to my post, thanks for your advice, me and hubby went out last night and bought a carton of aptimal 1st milk, hubby fed her last night and we woke up to the same rash but it was very very mild compared to the sma hungrier baby brand. im gathering that her system is trying to adjust to the change, would you suggest i continue with 1 bottle a night to let her system get used to it??

    thanks again 4 your help xx
  • think it really depends on the individual baby. lots of people seem to say aptamil is best, but when we tried it (at about 4.5months) the first 3 bottles were fine, but the 4th and 5th bottles made him projectile vomit everything in him til he was exhausted. he now (11months) has had one bottle of hipp organic a day for the last month and is bf the rest of the time. this time we introduced it very slowly after how ill he was first time. 1oz in 5oz expressed milk for 2 bottles, then 2 in etc.
  • We had the same problem as gemgems with the aptimil, it was projectile puke almost straight away. We used cow and gate on the rare occasion that LO would take anything from a bottle. i would buy a carton of each brand and try them all to see which one your LO prefers xx
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